Working with us

If you see yourself working with a global organization, that represents all continents and nationalities, who are connected and interact with each other on a daily basis; If you see yourself working with a knowledge business that has a DNA of excellence, and continually raises the bar; if you see yourself working within an environment of respect and excitement that makes you look forward to the next working day - your search may be over.

We are a high growth, knowledge-company and would be keen to engage with you to understand our common interests, and explore opportunities to work together.

Please write to us with your story on prana(at)

Our People Policy  

  • Our people are central to our business strategy. We believe that the success of our business depends on them.
  • We strive to recruit, develop and retain ethical individuals who have a service mindset and to whom work is a source of joy and empowerment.
  • Our people have excellence and process orientation as part of their habits. They continuously seek new challenges and conquer them. They regard themselves as successful and fulfilled individuals.
  • We shall strive to build an environment that is positive, creative, growth oriented and energized, one that makes each working day something to look forward to.