Jayesh Jagasia - Regional Client Director - Asia Pacific

Jayesh has a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from Mumbai University and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK). He is driven by a deep desire to make a meaningful contribution to the automobile industry. To that end, he has worked as an automotive journalist, and has had stints with Tata Motors in the Middle East. He has also worked with a commodities trading firm in Singapore and Vietnam, gaining invaluable insights into running a business at scale. An entrepreneur at heart, he was part of the founding team of an innovative venture in the used-car space.

At Sewells MSXI, Jayesh is currently the Regional Client Director, and heads the Ford Academies in the AP region. He is responsible for the strategic and operational delivery of dealer performance services to Ford Motor Company across 10 key Asia-Pacific markets. In his previous roles, as Head-Solutions and later as CEO of Sewells Group India, Jayesh led the company through an exciting phase of growth driven by thought leadership and innovation.

Amongst his interests is finding hidden, profound meanings in Calvin & Hobbes strips and Pink Floyd songs. He also believes that a sense of humour is essential to maintaining a perspective in life. He tries to keep his sharp by watching reruns of Seinfeld episodes.