ARN Seminar – New Strategies in Auto Retailing

London June 6th 2014 – SMMT Head Offices: At an event hosted by MSXI partners the ‘Auto Retail Network’ and sponsored by MSXI, David Graff, MSXI Vice President of Sales, was a key note speaker to an small but bespoke audience of specially invited decision makers and stakeholders from OEM’S and the UK dealership world.

The seminar was entitled "New Strategies in Auto Retailing" and its main focus was to discuss how to create a viable franchised network for tomorrow’s customer. Delegates were led through a series of discussions ranging from the how customer demographics are likely to change, to what more does digitalisation have to offer, and then thoughts on whether the current franchise model will ever change! and if so, what to? The delegates also looked at the financial implications of change.

David Graf’s speech, entitled ‘New Strategies in Auto Retailing’ positioned MSXI as a thought leader in this area. A highly visual presentation demonstrated, with references to MSXI’s core strategies of People@Retail and MSXI Analytics, that franchises in whatever form, will always need to ‘know their customers’, ‘choose the right people to engage with them’ and ‘provide the right experience’.

The Seminar was also attended by Felix Serrano Vice President Retail Network Solutions, Paul Dyer UK Operations Director and Martin Dowding Business Development Manager.