Amplify your brand performance

Retail Performance is a key strategic lever for an automotive brand.

Traditionally, automotive OEMs have relied on a basket of solutions to drive the performance of their retail networks. These solutions typically include training, process improvement, customer satisfaction tracking, dealer business management, and the like.

Depending on the efficacy of implementation, all these solutions have a positive impact on retail performance. However, more often than not, the retail programs have a tendency to get fragmented with multiple initiatives not feeding into each other. This significantly hampers the potential return on investment and negates the opportunity to strategically leverage brand performance.

Sewells MSXI integrated approach to retail performance brings four key solutions categories together i.e. Product, People, Process and Profitability, under a common banner. Programs are then designed to achieve the strategic goals of enhancing market share, the customer experience and dealer profitability. Our approach uses measurability, integration and dealer engagement as fundamental pillars of performance. We also offer an engagement model to our customers which facilitates the institutionalization and sustainability of network performance initiatives.

To learn more about Sewells MSXI Integrated Model in action, read the Sewells MSXI Performance Insight Document or write to us at info(at)