Connect the dots in connected retail

The growing complexity arising from connected vehicles mandates a fresh approach to automotive retail. Old revenue models are becoming obsolete and OEMs require new business models and revenue generation strategies. In the past, consumers generally visited a dealer four to five times, but today, many only visit at the final decision point, preferring to use online sources such as social media instead.

Our product solutions help OEMs capitalize on the growth opportunities represented by this disruption in order to drive meaningful engagement with current and future customers. They move away from the one-time transactional sales model to a recurring service sales models focused on the entire lifecycle of a vehicle and beyond. This requires a different kind of thinking in terms of agility, channel management, collaboration and customer- rather than product-centric sales strategies. As the speed of innovation cycles speeds up, up-to-date technical and soft skills are also necessary to ensure premium service to customers, increasing customer loyalty, satisfaction and revenue. Warranty management plays an important role here, since OEMs report that warranty spending still represents 2% to 3% of their turnover. Our product solutions help here too – eliminating warranty waste as a result of inefficiencies, miscommunications and mistakes.

Sewells MSXI Product Solutions offer includes:

  • Connected Retail Solutions
  • Warranty Management Solutions
  • Technical Training Solutions

Sewells MSXI offers multiple solutions which help OEMs connect with today’s digitally-sophisticated automotive consumer in new ways and at every touchpoint. Our solutions typically include proprietary models and frameworks, innovative tools and technology and unique outsourcing models.

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Sewells MSXI offers you multiple product solutions to help you capitalize on the growth opportunities of connected retail.