Maximize performance in a disruptive market

The automotive retail environment can be challenging, yet experience shows us that those business leaders who are focused and who truly understand the drivers of dealership performance rise to the top.
Our profit solutions are designed to improve network health and drive bottom line business results. Our unique approach includes a tried and tested business performance model to develop skills and improve strategic decision making across all departments. We focus on identifying the ‘causes’ of business success and strive for a clear understanding of the ‘drivers’ of automotive retail performance. This results in clearly articulated goals and an innate understanding of the inter-relationships between process, people, assets and business systems. The ability to extract, process and analyse meaningful data; to identify and assess opportunities; and to take decisive action at dealership level in order to drive performance, is extremely powerful and can be a true differentiator for your business.

Sewells MSXI Profitability Solutions offer includes:

  • Proprietary Sewells MSXI Group MRA Model
  • Dealer Business Management Services
  • e-SOS Financial Reporting and Business Intelligence System
  • Performance Groups and Development Groups
  • Network Strategy Consulting Services

Sewells MSXI  offers multiple solutions which drive dealer profitability. Our solutions typically include proprietary models and frameworks, innovative tools and technology and unique outsourcing models.

To know more about our profit solutions, write to us on info(at)